General information

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Muuga Container Terminal Ltd – is a multifunctional container terminal in the port of Muuga, Estonia, with the projected capacity – 780,000 TEU per annum. The current capacity of the terminal is 4.5 mil tons per annum, including 380,000 TEU of containers.
  • In 2008 the container turnover was equal to 180 911 TEU and was handled 1 840 mil tonnes of goods.
  • The forecasted turnover for 2009 is 2 003 mil tonnes of cargo, including 183 000 TEU of containers.
  • 170 people working in the company today.
  • All activities, connected with processing of vessels, trucks, railway wagons and also with cargo storage, are carrying out in the free customs zone.
  • Our company, Muuga CT, follows the “General Operating Regulations” in our stevedoring activities.
Muuga CT is using three universal combined quays for Ro-Ro and Lo-Lo vessel processing, their length are 200 m each with 12.5 m depth. They have fixed and lifting cargo ramps with 25 m and 30 m width and from 1.7 to 3.0 m height above sea level.

Today, we can handle container vessels with the capacity up to 4000 TEU on our quays with the speed – up to 50-55 containers per hour.
ISO 9001